Analyysi: Nämä ovat kaksi Fib-hintatavoitetta Bitcoinin lyhyelle aikavälille

Kun Bitcoinilla ei ole merkkejä hidastumisesta, tunnettu analyytikko punnitsee joitain mahdollisia Fibonacci-hintatavoitteita lyhyellä aikavälillä.

Bitcoin on ollut uskomattoman ajon viimeisten parin kuukauden aikana. Hinta nousi halutun 20000 dollarin rajan yläpuolelle aiemmin joulukuussa, eikä se osoita mitään hidastumisen merkkejä, ja kaikkien aikojen ennätys on yli 28000 dollaria.

Bitcoin-hinta steroideilla

Alle kolme kuukautta sitten bitcoinin hinta oli hieman yli 10000 dollaria, ja on epätodennäköistä, että kukaan olisi voinut ennustaa mitä seurasi.

Lokakuussa hinta alkoi nousta ja ennen kuin tiesimme sen, se oli saavuttanut alle 20 000 dollarin. Se oli kuitenkin joulukuun puolivälissä, kun asiat alkoivat mennä parabolisiin.

Pelkästään viimeisten 10 päivän aikana bitcoin keräsi noin 9000 dollaria dollarin arvoonsa, ja sen kaikkien aikojen korkein arvo on yli 28 000 dollaria ilman merkkejä hidastumisesta.

Asiat näyttävät vieläkin vaikuttavammilta, kun loitonamme hieman enemmän. Bitcoin on noussut huikeasti 650% maaliskuun alhaisimmista tasoista ja on vain ujo 300%: sta vuosi vuodelta.

Nyt analyytikot ovat vuorollaan vaatimassa seuraavia lyhyen aikavälin tavoitteita, kun jatkamme hintahaun etenemistä.

$ 30K ja $ 36K ovat seuraavaksi, analyytikko sanoo

Kun bitcoin käy kauppaa tuntemattomalla alueella, vertailupisteitä ei ole, jotta voimme auttaa meitä määrittämään seuraavat tavoitteet.

Tunnettu analyytikko ja kauppias Alex Krüger keskusteli viimeisimmässä Twitter-merkinnässään joitain mahdollisuuksia siitä, mihin bitcoinin hinta saattaa olla seuraavaksi.

„Kun omaisuuserä käy kauppaa kaikkien aikojen korkeimmillaan, ei ole aikaisemman kaupankäynnin historian vertailupisteitä, joita voidaan käyttää tasona. Tällöin elinkeinonharjoittajat tarkastelevat avainkierroslukuja ja Fibonacci-laajennuksia. BTC-tason kauppiaat katsovat nyt olevan 30K (pyöristetty numero ja fib) ja 36K (fib). „

Tietenkin, kuten aina, on tärkeää olla erityisen varovainen. Pelkästään viimeisten seitsemän päivän aikana BTC on noussut yli 20%, eikä korjaus ole poissuljettua.

Another day, another historical record. Bitcoin reaches $24,000 in a weekend upload

Bitcoin reaches a new all-time record of $24,210 on Coinbase, while volatility ensures that the weekend rallies aren’t over yet.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) set a new historical record on December 19, as the markets continued to surprise with weekend trading.

According to Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin’s market capitalization is currently $444,953,723,414.

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The price of Bitcoin has just reached another all-time high

Data from Cointelegraph Markets and Tradingview showed that the BTC/USD pair just eclipsed its own record level set this week, reaching $24,210 on Coinbase before falling back.

Volatility was high as the previous all time high of $23,777 only dropped before the resistance was activated once again. According to the exchange order book data, sellers are prepared at $24,000, and that area now forms a psychological barrier currently under attack by the bullish market.

The price of Bitcoin must reach $1 million for 1 satoshi to reach parity with 1 cent

Cointelegraph market analyst Michaël van de Poppe tweeted, „Come on, another all-time record over the weekend,“ looking closely at the renewed energy of Bitcoin’s markets.

The price of a bitcoin in Argentina already touches four million pesos

Bitcoin exchange buying and selling areas (white = more orders). Source: Material Indicators
The trader notes that $18,500 is still a support to watch

The movement continues a trend that has developed in recent weeks, the significant action of the Bitcoin price occurs during the weekends and not strictly during the week.

On Saturday, meanwhile, Van de Poppe urged caution, arguing that crucial support is still far below the chart for the BTC/USD pair at $18,500.

Five times the crypto universe got weird in 2020

„These vertical spikes are not sustainable for long. Therefore, at some point a correction will occur. However, predicting when it will happen is a guess, since the price of Bitcoin can easily reach $30,000 and then suffer a 30% correction,“ he said.

MicroStrategy buy another 400 million in bitcoin today?

Did MicroStrategy buy another 400 million in bitcoin today?

A tweet was posted today on Twitter on behalf of MicroStrategy’s CEO announcing a new bitcoin purchase for $400 million.

We just purchased another $400M spot #Bitcoin

Keep selling and we’ll keep buying 👍

– Michael Saylor (@Crypto_Bitlord) December 9, 2020

Actually this is not the official profile of Michael Saylor, but the usual fake @Crypto_Bitlord profile pretending to be someone else, as already done for example a few days ago with Peter Schiff.

In fact, Michael Saylor’s official Twitter profile is @michael_saylor, and also has the blue check mark next to the verified profile name.

Instead, next to the name „Michael Saylor“ of the @Crypto_Bitlord profile the blue tick is not there.

Also, @Crypto_Bitlord’s short bio says he’s been „all in“ on Bitcoin since 2012, while MicroStrategy with Bitcoin Code Software is not all in on Bitcoin, and only started buying BTC in 2020. Additionally @Crypto_Bitlord is a trading profile that promotes a trading platform.

Instead, @michael_saylor’s short bio says that the founder, president and CEO of MicroStrategy, and he sees Bitcoin as a hope.

Therefore, the news that today MicroStrategy would buy more bitcoins by investing another $400 million is false.

The truth was reported a few days ago by Michael Saylor, who revealed that in the past few days MicroStrategy has bought about 2,574 BTC, investing another $50 million and buying them at an average price of about $19,427.

MicroStrategy has purchased approximately 2,574 bitcoins for $50.0 million in cash in accordance with its Treasury Reserve Policy, at an average price of approximately $19,427 per bitcoin. We now hold approximately 40.824 bitcoins.

– Michael Saylor (@michael_saylor) December 4, 2020

Microstrategy, the $400 million does not concern Bitcoin

It should be noted, however, that yesterday Saylor also shared the news that MicroStrategy announced its own $400 million private offering in convertible bonds.

In fact, the company intends to offer senior convertible bonds with a maturity of 2025, aimed in particular at institutional buyers qualified under Rule 144A under the Securities Act.

It will also grant them a purchase option, valid for a period of 13 days from the date the bonds are issued, for an additional total nominal amount of up to $60 million.

These bonds have nothing to do directly with the company’s bitcoin purchases, but it is possible that their launch on these days was chosen precisely to take advantage of the notoriety gained from the news about their BTC purchases.

Wrong Bitcoin forecast or realistic? Financial Analyst: BTC is $ 100,000 in August 2021

Bitcoin has seen an extremely strong rally since the March low of $ 3,500. At its recent all-time highs of $ 19,950, the coin was roughly 470 percent above its March lows. BTC is the best macro investment since mid-March – if you don’t count Ethereum.

However, analysts believe that Bitcoin Code software will continue to grow in the coming months. They cite macroeconomic factors that will drive parabolic growth in this nascent space.

Bitcoin could hit $ 100,000 in the next nine months

Dan Tapiero, a macro investor and gold bull, believes BTC will gain another 500 percent in the next nine months:

“Remarkable when you consider that #bitcoin was 4,000 9 months ago. Almost a 500% rally to date. A 500% rally from here brings us to 100k #btc. Don’t think it will happen in 9 months, but it would just repeat what it did in the past 9 months. “

Tapieros is a big bitcoin bull himself, expecting currency inflation and a falling US dollar to drive extreme growth in the crypto asset markets.

Financial analyst and writer Preston Pysh disagreed, saying he thinks “9 months is exactly what it takes to get the next 500%. End of August 2021 „.

While Pysh does not explain his train of thought here, he has carried it out on podcasts and other tweet threads discussing the prospects for the leading cryptocurrency in the world today.

Much of his bullish sentiment boils down to the “stock to flow” model created by the pseudonymous analyst “PlanB”.

For those who don’t know, the model suggests that Bitcoin’s price action is in some way correlated with the reciprocal of the inflation rate, the “stock-to-flow ratio”. The ratio recently spiked as a result of the May block reward halving.

The model predicts that Bitcoin will hit $ 100,000 by the end of December 2021 at the latest. This is in line with Pysh’s comment that the asset will hit $ 100,000 by August.

Others see it that way too

Pysh is by no means the only one anticipating exponential growth in the coming cycle.

Willy Woo, a prominent on-chain analyst, is even predicting an increase in Bitcoin towards $ 200,000 or even $ 300,000 in 2021 with one of his price action models.

Woo’s bullish sentiment is in line with certain on-chain trends he is following, such as the „re-accumulation“ that is currently taking place in the Bitcoin market. Woo comments that he noticed a similar trend prior to the previous bull run that took BTC from the $ 500 region to $ 20,000.